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Maine Forest Collaborative November Newsletter

Our next cohort day will be at Timber HP in March! Stay tuned for more details!

MFC Updates!

Telstar students are working on the challenge of sustainability. Students are learning what the greater Bethel area is doing (or not doing) in terms of reducing, reusing, and recycling. They are exploring public trash receptacles, a never reopened donation center at the dump, and other ways to increase sustainability in a heavy tourist/consumption area.

Piscataquis students are working on the challenge of recreational trail access. They are examining the limited trail access between the towns of Guilford and Dexter. Currently, the only access permitted between the two towns is via a trail that is accessible by snowmobiles in winter or via the road. Students are exploring ways to increase access to the summer months to allow ATVs to travel between the towns.

Greenville students are working on the challenge of revitalizing their local school trail so teachers and students will spend more time outdoors. After exploring the area, they noticed the trail had significant obstacles in the way, extremely muddy areas, and largely overgrown sections. Students are beginning to explore ways that they can make the trail more user friendly and accessible while also helping to make it more well known to teachers and the community.

Buckfield & Ecology Learning Center

Stay tuned! I will be able to share these in the next 2 weeks after my next visits!

In the News

Groups are working to protect trees - and traditions- from the emerald ash borer

Maine was the last state in the Northeast to see the arrival of the destructive emerald ash borer in 2018. The invasive pest lays eggs which hatch into larvae that feed under the bark of ash trees, depriving it of water and nutrients.

Moosehead summit to focus on economic development

The Moosehead Lake Region Economic Development Corporation will bring together leading experts on our regional economy to discuss new ideas and initiatives with businesses and community members.

Forest products support healthy forests

Healthy forests depend on a healthy forest products economy. For National Forest Products week, let’s celebrate not only wood products but also the people who manage forests, harvest trees, manufacture wood products.

Environmental Science Connection

Check out Northern Woodlands Forest Carbon Series!

Managing Carbon for Northeastern Forests, a yearlong educational series launched in the Spring 2023 issue of Northern Woodlands magazine, provides guidance on how landowners and other forest managers can care for their forests with the climate in mind, including opportunities to promote carbon sequestration and storage, and to help forests adapt to such stressors as rising temperatures, changing weather patterns, and invasive species.

Grant Opportunities

Funding for Outdoor Learning

The Nature Based Education Consortium has created a calendar and list of upcoming outdoor learning related grants available on their website organized by upcoming deadline. This is a great place to monitor as your class starts to select a challenge and work on a solution.

For Teachers

April's Eclipse is a Big Deal, Prepare Now!

Did you know? On April 8th, 2024, much of the U.S. will have a front-row seat to a total solar eclipse. Northeast states are in a prime location - from NYC to Ashland, we will experience a significant event, where most of the sun’s light will be obscured. In fact, the path of totality stretches right through parts of New York, Vermont, and Maine!

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI)/Learning Ecosystems Northeast (LENE) team is excited to be an additional resource to help educators, youth, and communities across the Northeast celebrate the total solar eclipse. By providing an array of resources and learning experiences for use in classrooms, libraries, and out-of-school programs, we will highlight the unique science, beauty, and wonder of eclipses. We have two upcoming Q&A sessions where we'll review a suite of curated materials designed for educators and practitioners across learning contexts who hope to integrate the eclipse into programming for their youth. Sign up below.

  • Wednesday, November 15 from 3:30-4:30 pm EST. Register HERE.

  • Thursday, December 7 from 10:30-11:30 am EST. Register HERE

Interested in more info and/or staying in the loop? Sign up on the project page for a special eclipse updates email list. Moving forward, this is the list we’ll use to send eclipse-related information and updates to the project page. Also, check out this video made for administrators to teach them about why your school should prepare for this special day!

Wild Seed Project - Free Seeds for Teachers!

Wild Seed Project's Seeds for Teachers program provides free northeast native seed packets to public school educators, a barrier-free initiative intended to support teachers in integrating native plants into their existing pollinator and plant units across grade levels. Packets include bulk seeds for 3-4 easy-to-sow, pollinator-friendly species, as well as a set of four lessons focused on seeds that can be adapted for all grade levels.

Teachers Winter Weekend at the Ecology School!

Join us this January for a restorative weekend of professional development at River Bend Farm, home of The Ecology School. Attendees will head out

into the winter landscape to experience outdoor learning led by The Ecology School's seasoned educators, and have time to design outdoor learning as a year-round reality for their students. Attendees will also enjoy delicious meals, stay in our comfortable, sustainably built dorms, and have time to

enjoy the beautiful River Bend Farm landscape in the winter.

January 26-28, 2024 (Snow date February 2-4)

***The weekend is free for teachers and attendees will receive a $250

stipend and be reimbursed up to $120 for travel.***

Both new participants and Teacher Institute alumni are welcome to apply. Priority will be given to new applicants! APPLICATIONS OPEN NOW and will be reviewed beginning November 1. All applicants will be contacted by November 27 with your application status. Click here to APPLY

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