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MFC 3.0 - School Year 2020/2021

How can we use natural resources to positively impact local communities?

Students from Greenville and Forest Hills participated in a virtual project due to COVID-19 restrictions

The Moosehead Lake Region Planning Project is a large rezoning project that was in the public comment phase over the past year.  This was the perfect opportunity for students to learn about the recent history of their region and the process of planning the future of their communities.

Students learned about the project and process with Naomi Kirk-Lawlor from the Land Use Planning Commission, Melanie Sturm from the Natural Resource Council of Maine, Chris Fife, and Andrew Wopat from Weyerhaeuser, and Rex Turner from the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands.  Students surveyed community members and took the time to formulate their own plans for the land.  Watch the videos to see what a few of the Greenville students came up with!

Students would like to thank the community partners and experts who helped them complete their projects for the 2020-21 school year...

Thank you for meeting with us on Zoom and for helping us with our research projects. It really helped.  I can't wait to see what happens to the parcels of land and what they are going to be zoned for in the future. - Tracer 

Thank you, Korah, for your help with our project and taking your time to make the zoom meetings with everyone possible. I found it a fun project learning more about the Moosehead Region Planning project and it also helped me learn more about the area I live in. It always kept us busy and thinking about how we could help with the planning of what types of zones would help Moosehead.

- Kiara 

Thank you for all the information you provided us. It was interesting and really helped us with our presentations. It gave us a more in-depth idea of how things worked and what problems and solutions to tackle in our presentations.

- Chelsie 

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us and share your knowledge! It was so helpful to be able to talk with professionals in the field to get a real-life perspective on the issues we were exploring. This project really allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of the issues my community is facing, and I feel much more prepared to take on these challenges in the future. It will take all of us to preserve the MHL area and keep it thriving, thank you for being a part of it!

- Jessica 

There is a shared belief between every single person in this year's class.  Opportunities, like the one presented to us, is a unique experience felt by few.  Like many others in the class, we are grateful for the opportunity to have our thoughts on the Greenville area heard.  Having the ability to speak to those with the knowledge and ability to make changes to the area allows more peace of mind.  Peace of mind that Moosehead is being changed by those who reside and rely on it.


To those who have helped our words, plans, and thoughts be heard, we are grateful.  Not only having the ability to project our thoughts be granted to us, but we have also had many listen to us.  Having one's thoughts on an important matter heard by those with the ability to change, was a riveting experience.  Talking directly to those who can make a change, and individuals expressing what ideals the greater Moosehead area should follow was an important learning experience for all those involved.


Others in the Greenville area should experience this too, not just this year's Environmental Class. This wonderful learning experience should be a part of our curriculum for years to come.  Students should be allowed to learn more about their town, and themselves, whilst having their thoughts heard.  - Connor

I really enjoyed learning about all these organizations and appreciate all the time you spent with us! A big thanks to Korah Soll from Rural Aspiration for helping set all this up! Researching about the Moosehead Region and about different jobs associated with helping the community was an interesting and fun experience! I've learned so much from each meeting we had. Researching each zone was super interesting. I think everyone in high school should have to think about the development zones in our community and think of solutions that could benefit The Moosehead Region! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to meet with our class! - Lila 

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