Piscataquis Community Secondary School
How can we use natural resources to positively impact local communities?
Piscataquis Community Secondary School and Piscataquis Community Elementary School have teamed up as a part of the High School's MFC class. The students are working on the community challenge they identified, "How do we engage youth in developing an appreciation for nature, local resources, and sustainability through the use of horticulture? We selected this challenge because youth in our community have a lack of natural resource-related education. We were drawn to it because it is achievable and can be continued and developed in future years." As a part of this work, high school students have been meeting weekly with fourth graders to start pollinator seedlings that will be planted on the school grounds. The students also had the opportunity to meet with Eric Topper from the Maine Audubon Society to learn more about the benefits of planting native flower species and to brainstorm ways to implement the Bringing Nature Home initiative in their community. 
Piscataquis Community Slideshow
Students in Piscataquis Community Secondary  School's Maine Forest Collaborative class have created a video to share how the natural resources of their area connect with their community. Click the video to watch!