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Goals & Outcomes

Goal 1: Use natural resource-related issues to engage students in learning how to learn.

  Students will:

  • Apply goal setting and problem-solving skills.

  • Investigate the complex issues facing natural resources, drawing upon a wide range of community resources both in and out of school.

  • Develop, revise, and complete personalized learning plans to achieve the goals of the Maine Forest Collaborative as well as state and national learning standards (CCSS, NGSS, MLR, etc.).




Goal 2: Expose students to a wide range of both existing and emerging natural resource-related careers, as well as other careers that can be made possible by a natural resource education.


  Students will

  • Regularly visit a wide range of natural resource industries and educational institutions.

  • Complete an Extended Learning Opportunity or internship in a natural resource field.

  • Develop a post-secondary plan that identifies several attainable careers and college options the student can pursue.




Goal 3:  Develop future citizens and leaders who can speak for themselves, especially graduates who will stay in or return to these rural communities.


  Students will

  • Apply advocacy skills, including research, argumentation, and presentation skills.

  • Apply leadership skills to contemporary issues facing natural resource industries.

  • Collaborate with other students, natural resource practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and other community resources to apply available information to forest resource management.



Goal 4: Help sustain the local natural resource economy and way of life in response to economic, climatic, regulatory, and technological changes.

  Students will

  • Apply goal setting and problem-solving skills in novel situations in collaboration with other students, natural resource practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and other community resources.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the rules, regulations, and processes of natural resource management.

  • Investigate emerging industries, technologies and innovation.

  • Articulate their connection to the local forest economy, markets, and ecosystems.




Program goals and objectives are subject to change as the Steering Committee develops a framework specific to the Maine Forest Collaborative

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