Our Mission:

The MFC brings schools and communities together to design programming that empowers all students to actively contribute, as citizens and stewards, to the vitality of our forest communities today and into the future.


The Maine Forests Collaborative is a multi-tiered partnership modeled after the highly successful Eastern Maine Skippers Program, which was developed, implemented and refined by Todd West, Deer Isle Stonington High School Principal, Val Peacock, an Educational Design Specialist from the Rural Aspirations Project and a team of professionals from the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries in Stonington, Maine. The MFC invites schools and communities in rural Central and Northern and Western Maine to engage in a collaborative teaching and learning partnership focused on:


  • honoring and building upon knowledge, skills, and expertise of those working to sustain rural Maine’s forests economies.


  • creating innovative ways to build enduring social capital in rural communities.


  • educating students about how to engage in sustaining working forests and rural communities, emphasizing college and career readiness.

Students, teachers, parents, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and community members will share and explore historical perspectives, learn about future job/career opportunities, and engage in innovative problem solving for the long-term viability of Maine’s diverse forest economy and rural communities.  A diverse forest economy includes expansion of sustainable and profitable forest industries, long-term conservation planning, entrepreneurship, and enhancement of recreational opportunities that honor the rich heritage of the region.