Participating Schools and PAST Projects

Buckfield High School
Buckfield, ME

Students at BHS are working on the Maine Forest Collaborative project through an Environmental Science class.  Caleb McNaughton is the instructor for the course and this is his second year with MFC.

Challenge #1: Driver education is hard to access for low-income students which prevents them from participating in Maine's economy and natural resource activities.

Solution: Students are preparing a proposal to convince the school administration to incorporate drivers' education in the school budget.

Community Partners

Buckfield High School Administrative Staff

Maine Department of Transportation

Buckfild MFC Community Poster #1

Challenge #2:  The permitting system for Maine hunters has too many separate permits and fees.  This is too expensive for low-income Mainers and complex for those wanting to hunt.


Solution: Students are brainstorming ideas

Buckfield MFC Community Poster #2
jackman, Maine

Students at Forest Hills are participating in the Maine Forest Collaborative project through their Jr. English class.  Rae Wren is the long term substitute teacher for English at the high school and this is her first year participating with MFC.

Challenge: The Jackman region is isolated and usually unknown to those not familiar with this part of Maine.

Solution: Students want to create a promotional video of the region and social media campaign to raise awareness of the opportunities that exist in Jackman.

Community Partners

Maine office of Outdoor Recreation

Forest Hills MFC Comunity Poster
Greenville High School
Greenville, Maine

Greenville high school students are working on the MFC project in their environmental science class, which is taught by Selena Tardif.  Dawna Blackstone, the physical education instructor at GHS, helps the class with their project as well.  Both teachers are in their second year participating with MFC.

Challenge: The trail on Greenville High School property is run down and unsafe for students and community members to use.

Solution: Create an action plan to update the trail for the school and community and improve the educational value of the trail.

Community Partners

Maine Conservation Corps

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Mt. Abram High School
Strong, Maine

The students at Mt. Abram high school are working on the MFC project through their environmental science course.  Brandy Tanner teaches environmental science and this is her first year running the project at Mt. Abram High School

Challenge: The Kingfield region doesn't have enough young people moving to the area to live there full time.

Solution: Create a website that showcases what the area has to offer to Millenials looking to move to Maine.

Community Partners

Maine Office of Outdoor Recreation

Mt. Abam MFC Community Poster
Piscataquis High School
Guilford, Maine

The Maine Forest Collaborative project is being offered to Piscataquis students as a stand-alone class.  This is the second year that PHS has offered this course to students, which is taught this year by Stephanie Kimball.

Challenge: The community of Guilford and doesn't have an outdoor gathering space for social events or classrooms.

Solution: Students will create a landscape design and action plan for King Cummings park.

Community Partners

Town Office of Guilford, Maine

Maine Audubon Society