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How can we use natural resources to positively impact local communities?

MFC 5.0 - School Year 2022/2023

Students from Buckfield, Piscataquis, Schenck, Telstar, Greenville, Dirigo, and Forest Hills are participating our second full-year collaborative project.  Buckfield and Forest Hills begin working on their project in September, while the remainder of the schools begin in January.

Students had their first cohort day in November in Skowhegan where they took a walking tour of the riverfront, learned about the new white water features being installed in the river, viewed a mural depicting Skowhegan's unique history, toured Maine Grains Grainery, and heard from a panel of community members about how all of these initiatives got started. 

Our next cohort day with all of the schools will be in March, stay tuned!

Buckfield High School

Students in Buckfield Jr./Sr. High School's Maine Forest Collaborative class created a poster highlighting their area.

Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 3.47.51 PM.png

Buckfield 10th and 11th grade students in Mr. McNaughton's class did an exploration in their area. They realized that there is no mountain bike park in their area, though their school has mountain bikes available for students to use.

Their school sits on 25 acres, much of which is underutilized and already has some natural features that can be used in a mountain bike park. Students are working on designing and learning how to build a mountain bike park. They are also working on determining the best way to get approval for this large endeavor and how it could be funded.

Students are starting to brainstorm who might be on their design team to help them learn about it what it takes to build a mountain bike park and who might provide feedback to help them through this design. They have been exploring ArcGIS and learning about how mapping can help them create and design their plan and have worked with Tora Johnson at UMaine Machias to learn about how to input GPS coordinated into their map and add elevation data.

Forest Hills Consolidated School

Forest Hills High School's Environmental Science class created a poster providing a snapshot of Jackman.

Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 3.49.04 PM.png

Forest Hills 11-12th grade students in Evan Worster's class are exploring the Sunday hunting law. They saw the recent bill that was proposed regarding changing the law and took a look at the survey conducted by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. They realized that many major landowners and small business owners were not included in the survey.

They have been reaching out and surveying local business owners and large landowners in the area to ask them about their views on Sunday hunting. Students have been
 looking at what has been done already in regard to Sunday hunting and learning more about the issue. They are also working on connecting with various experts in this area to get their opinions and to be part of the design team to help them work through possible solutions.

Greenville Consolidated School

Greenville Consolidated School's 10th grade science classes will be starting up their projects soon!
Piscataquis Community Secondary School

Piscataquis Community Secondary School's Maine Forest Collaborative class will be starting up soon!
Schenck High School

Students in Schenck High School's Science class will be starting their projects soon!
Dirigo High School

Students in Dirigo High School's Alternative Education Science class will be starting up with MFC soon!
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