MFC's Final Cohort Day at Thomas College in Waterville was a success!

On Wednesday, May 25th Maine Forest Collaborative Schools met to share their final projects. Students from Piscataquis Community Secondary School, Buckfield Jr./Sr. High School, Forest Hills Consolidated School, and Schenck High School presented the projects the work they have been doing to solve challenges in their communities. Throughout the course of the school year, students and teachers worked through the design process to empathize with their community, identify challenges, further define their focus challenge, brainstorm ideas for solutions, and prototype and test these solutions. The final stage of the design thinking process was reached on Wednesday, when students presented their work to their peers and interested community members.  

Students who participated in this year's MFC course were presented with Design Thinking Digital Badges by Thomas College's Center for Innovation in Education. 

See the links below to check out the wonderful work done by MFC schools! 

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April 12 2022 MFC Student Cohort Day at Thomas College 

On Tuesday, April 12th, MFC students and teachers gathered at Thomas College with forest-based industry representatives to discuss their 2022 Maine Forest Collaborative project challenges. The day was packed with meaningful conversations, and many shared resources and insights concerning the future of Maine's forest-based places.

A special thanks to Dana Doran of Professional Contractors of Maine and Carolann Ouellette of the Maine Office of Outdoor Recreation for giving key-note speeches. Thanks to Donald Burr of Professional Logging Contractors, Nate Gould of CFPWood, Lena Ives of Maine TREE, Marie Ring of Kennebec Land Trust, Adri Bessenaire and Ethan Lamb of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Ethan Buuck of The Maine Warden Service, Greg Caruso of Kennebec River Angler, Win Smith of Robbins Lumber, and Ben Richards, Josh Henry, and Sarah King of TimberHP. Our students have gained so much from working with you all! 

Save the date! Our final Cohort Day is schedule for Wednesday, March 25th, location TBD. Come find out about the solutions the MFC students have found to their challenge statements!

Click on the posters pictured below to learn more about each school's 2022 MFC challenge or scroll through the images to see some photos from the Cohort Day. 


Current Partner Schools

Buckfield Jr./Sr. High School, Buckfield

Maine Forest Collaborative Class taught by Caleb McNaughton


Greenville Consolidated School, Greenville

Grades 7 & 8 Science Classes taught by Selena Tardif 

Forest Hills School, Jackman

Environmental Science Class taught by Evan Worster

Telstar High School, Bethel

Environmental Science class taught by Elke Blauss

Piscataquis High School, Guilford

Maine Forest Collaborative class taught by Gary Scavette

Schenck High School, East Millinocket

Life Science class taught by JP Smith


New schools will be accepted in the 2022-2023 school year!

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